The 10-Hour and 12-Hour PCB Fishing Trip with Kelley Girl Charters On the 10-hour excursion, the captain has the flexibility to venture up to 30 miles offshore. This distance allows you to reach some of the more secluded and less fished areas, where large fish are more abundant. The journey to these remote spots offers the perfect opportunity for high-speed trolling, a thrilling and effective method for catching fast-moving species like wahoo, tuna, dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), and bonito. The excitement of high-speed trolling and the anticipation of what you might catch as you travel to and from the offshore reefs adds an extra layer of adventure to the trip. For those who want to push the boundaries even further, the 12-hour trip extends the range to up to 40 miles offshore, entering deeper waters home to some of the most prized catches in the Gulf of Mexico. This additional distance and time significantly increase the chances of encountering and catching larger specimens of red snapper, grouper, and amberjack, among others. These species are renowned for their size and strength, offering a challenging and rewarding experience for any angler.